Specialists of canned seafood products that caters primarily for private labels. Petit Pierre has its roots in Boulogne and is a company renowned for bringing the best from the sea to its customers. For over 50 years, the company embraced tradition and modernity, to offer with passion, high quality canned products while having the greatest respect for the environment and its fishery resources.


Fish, Ready to eat, Toppings


Petit Pierre, canned seafood of mackerels herrings, salmons


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Mackerels 1/4 Plong Mackerels 1/6 Club Mackerels 1/4 Hansa Salmons 1/4 Hansa Herrings 1/4 Hansa Herrings Pilchards 1/2 Ovale Sardines 1/4 Hansa Sardines Pilchards 1/2 Ovale Fresh Salad Bowl Faerchplast Pique Nique Salads  1/3 steel  bowl Pique-Nique Salads  1/4 Basse Catering 3/1 Catering 4/4 Appetizer with mayonnaise sauce Appetizer with catalan sauce Appetizer with provencal sauce Tartinable Sardines 1/5